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BMW M235i received attractive tuning from Manhart

Manhart MH2 400

BMW M235i received attractive tuning from Manhart. This is a package with the name Manhart MH2 400, which provides as a more aggressive appearance and a higher power. Tuning is designed for modification M235i, whose 3.0-liter engine is configured to generate an impressive 430 hp (592 Nm). This is not

Toyota TS050 Hybrid

Toyota TS050 Hybrid

Toyota TS050 Hybrid is the new model of the Japanese company Gazoo Racing back in this year's season of WEC. Although all technical information for the TS050 will be presented on March 24, most likely the vehicle will have engine TS040 - naturally aspirated V8. It is also clear that

Alpina tuned new generation of BMW 7-Series

Alpina tuned the new generation of the BMW 7-Series, which based its car models of the luxury German brand. The machine is named B7 xDrive will be available later this year. Following the tradition of the Alpina, the new B7 xDrive demonstrated altered appearance that is both luxurious and sporty.

BMW M1 Coupe tuning by Alpha-N

BMW M1 Coupe tuning

Tuning company Alpha-N presented its tuning package for the BMW M1 Coupe. Mainly power, tuning package delivered additional 229 hp With the additional power M1 generates 564 hp as the Lamborghini Gallardo. The extra power is achieved by a larger turbocharger, new exhaust system specially modified manifold, upgraded fuel pump

AMS Performance added 2500 hp to Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R tuning

Monstrous tuning kit for the Nissan GT-R develops the workshop AMS Performance. Tuning must ensure output of 2500 hp Wheel! In AMS Performance prepare the car on behalf of a client, but the real purpose of this model is to return to the tuners title of "fastest Nissan GT-R in

New track Toyota Prius by APR Racing

track Toyota Prius

The new track Toyota Prius, constructed by APR Racing, is based on the submitted last year a new generation of hybrids. A more curious is that it uses a number of components from road model that is sold commercially. Just like the standard Prius, The track version has a hybrid

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