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Hyundai Santa Fe SUV tuning by Bisimoto

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe SUV is hardly a model that can make your blood boil with his power, acceleration and dynamics. It is generally true, but the thing is that there are always exceptions. And one of them is planned for SEMA show in Las Vegas, where Santa Fe is presented

Ford Mustang tuning by Hurst and Kenne Bell

Ford Mustang tuning

Car manufacturers and other companies using the SEMA tuning show to present their projects unlikely to ever appear in the production. But there are exceptions, and one of them is the Ford Mustang with monstrous power. It is podgoven companies Hurst and Kenne Bell and will come in a limited

BMW i8 tuned by AC Schnitzer

BMW i8 tuned by AC Schnitzer

BMW i8 tuned by AC Schnitzer was demonstrated in the showroom in Abu Dhabi, reported the newspaper Carscoops, which spread photos of the event. The car is equipped with a full suite of AC Schnitzer, by suggesting that one of the most extensive tuning copies of the i8. The car

Brabus tuned Mercedes-AMG G63

Brabus tuned Mercedes-AMG G63

The tuning studio Brabus introduced a new version of the SUV Mercedes-AMG G63, which is part of the new line of German Mark under the name Crazy Color. In her all cars are distinguished by their unusual colors, this is yellow - Solar Beam. Modification says Brabus 700 as experts

Opel Adam S tuning by Irmscher

Opel Adam S tuning Irmscher

Longtime partner of Opel - studio enhancements Irmscher, showed its version of the minicar Adam S. The car is inspired by racing legends of the brand and demonstrates both visual and power upgrades. Tuned Irmscher Opel Adam S follows the style of racing Ascona A, which rally legend Walter Röhrl

Chevrolet Camaro tuning by Trans Am Depot

Chevrolet Camaro tuning by Trans Am Depot

A modified version of the Chevrolet Camaro present company Trans Am Depot. The car is a special version created in honor of the movie "Smokey and the Bandit" out of the screen in 1977. The protagonist in the tape used Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, is precisely why the modified Camaro

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