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Mazzanti Evantra supercar

mazzanti evantra

Italian company Mazzanti introduced a new version of its supercar Evantra. Modification says 771, the name corresponds to the exact power with which the model has. 771 version gets the same 7.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine as in "standard" version of Evantra. In the baseline output is 70 horsepower less,

Volvo XC90 tuning by Polestar

Volvo XC90 tuning

The most powerful production car in history to Volvo's hybrid crossover. This is the new Volvo XC90 in version of the factory tuner Polestar. The serial hybrid XC90 T8 Twin Engine has already been announced by the Swedes as the most powerful and most environmentally SUV on the planet. It

BMW X6 M tuning by G-Power

BMW X6 M tuning

In general, M-models of the BMW have enough impressive features, but even that has not stopped the studios for tuning to offer enhancements for them. Another comes from the company G-Power, which has embarked on a crossover X6 M. The result is called G-Power Typhoon and certainly looks impressive. The

Zagato tuned Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin Vanquish tuning

Italian studio Zagato prepare a unique version of the supercar Aston Martin Vanquish, whose body is entirely made of carbon fiber. The premiere model will take place the weekend of competition of elegance, which is held every year on Lake Como. In creating the vehicle's designers drew inspiration from the

Hennessey tuned GMC Yukon Denali

GMC Yukon Denali

Tuning company Hennessey rework massive SUV GMC Yukon Denali. The HPE650 package is designed for models with 6.2-liter V8 engine, it delivers an impressive 650 hp. Tuning, mainly power, added additional 230 hp and increases the torque of 624 Nm to 892 Nm. These improvements allow Yukon Denali to travel 1/4

Fiat 500 Abarth 595

Fiat 500 Abarth 595

The sports division of Fiat - Abarth, renewed model 595. The changes are mainly technical of the car, but such has a cabin. The 1.4-liter turbo engine is available in three versions - standard with the 145 hp, Turismo with 165 hp and Competizione with 180 hp, the latter accelerates

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake

After seeing sports coupe Toyota GT86 as a convertible and a ladies version, the Japanese company has transformed the machine and Shooting Brake. The premiere of the new edition was held in Australia since the car is the work of the local division of the brand. Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake

Hennessey tuned Honda NSX

Hennessey tuned Honda NSX

The first tuning package for the new generation of the Honda NSX will be done by Americans Hennessey Performance. They announced tuning on which no work. Details are limited at the moment, but it is clear that the main task before the tuners is to increase the power of the

G-Power tuning of BMW M4

G-Power tuning of BMW M4

BMW M4 is known as one of the best sports cars on the market. The tuners from G-Power, however, managed to climb up the car to an even higher level, turning it into a racial supercar. Tuning is designed for a convertible version of BMW M4, but no problem can

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