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BMW M5 tuning by Hamann

BMW M5 tuning

Tuning studio Hamann Motorsport has developed a special package for the BMW M5 F10. The car features new bumpers, additional air intakes, two spoiler, as well as 21-inch wheels, because of which had to be extended wings. Clearance is reduced by 30 mm by new sports suspension. More importantly -

BMW X5 tuning by AC Schnitzer

BMW X5 tuning by AC Schnitzer

The BMW X5 is a 4x4 hero especially brilliant at urban terrain, and that calls for different accessories from a conventional off-road-vehicle. With its new range, AC Schnitzer has adapted the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) perfectly to its natural environment. Like its predecessor, the E70 is an extremely agile vehicle

BMW X5 tuning by G-Power

BMW X5 tuning

The second generation of the BMW X5 M F85 in the factory version is one of the most powerful "inflated" crossovers, appeared ever. German particular studio G-Power, however, decided that the model has even greater potential to be discovered. The company offers a three-stage modification of the bi-turbo engine with

BMW X6 M tuning by G-Power

BMW X6 M tuning

In general, M-models of the BMW have enough impressive features, but even that has not stopped the studios for tuning to offer enhancements for them. Another comes from the company G-Power, which has embarked on a crossover X6 M. The result is called G-Power Typhoon and certainly looks impressive. The

G-Power tuning of BMW M4

G-Power tuning of BMW M4

BMW M4 is known as one of the best sports cars on the market. The tuners from G-Power, however, managed to climb up the car to an even higher level, turning it into a racial supercar. Tuning is designed for a convertible version of BMW M4, but no problem can

Alpina tuned its B3 S Biturbo and B4 S Biturbo

Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo

For high-tech company like Alpina is vital to continuously move forward. Therefore, after the presentation of the model BMW Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo engineers of the company continued to work on turbochargers and cooling system of the engine, which in turn lead to changes in its parameters. The company announced

BMW Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo

BMW Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo

With model B5 Bi-Turbo Alpina company is directed to new customers, not as far - only to those who want to drive wagon that can compete with the BMW M5. The new B5 Bi-Turbo debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in sedan and wagon, and has all the features of

AC Schnitzer tuning program for BMW M2

BMW M2 tuning program

Owners of BMW M2, who want to drive a car oriented more towards entertainment on the track or a more dynamic movement in everyday life, will appreciate the new tuning package the German company AC Schnitzer. The company that wrote some of the glorious pages in the history of the

BMW i8 tuned by AC Schnitzer

BMW i8 tuned by AC Schnitzer

BMW i8 tuned by AC Schnitzer was demonstrated in the showroom in Abu Dhabi, reported the newspaper Carscoops, which spread photos of the event. The car is equipped with a full suite of AC Schnitzer, by suggesting that one of the most extensive tuning copies of the i8. The car

BMW 220 tuning by mcchip-dkr

BMW 220 tuning

German tuning company mcchip-dkr present power package for the base 2.0-liter petrol engine in the BMW. Tuning has two levels, with peak increases power to 320 hp. The package is demonstrated in the model 220i, but actually can be installed on any BMW's 2.0-liter petrol engine with 184 hp and

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