Mercedes G-Class Maybach

Mercedes G-Class Maybach

Mercedes prepares properly sending its G-Class W463, presenting Maybach version of off-road machine. This is the fourth and certainly most unusual serial model Mercedes, which carries the logo with two letters "M". The rest are S-Class Sedan, elongated Pullman and S650 Cabriolet. We recall that a few years ago Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-AMG S63 tuning by Fostla

Mercedes-AMG S63 tuning by Fostla

The coupe Mercedes-AMG S63 is a favorite among car tuning shops. One of them - the German company Fostla, showed his reworking of the sports machine that is realized with the help of experts from the company PP-Performance. The standard version of the sports coupe Mercedes AMG S63 is equipped

Brabus tuned Mercedes G500

Brabus tuned Mercedes G500

The new G550 Adventure 4x4² prepared for through war zone. If you are wondering what is the serial off-road machine, the probability think of Mercedes G500 4x4² e more than great. The car has a gantry axes, giant tires, wheels and shock absorber 8 goals. Now, however, the market goes

Nissan GT-R Litchfield

Nissan GT-R Litchfield

Litchfield noted 20 years with interesting Developing the most iconic Nissan. The New version of the Nissan GT-R, both more powerful and more spectacular than the original, debuted at the International Motor Sports in Birmingham. It is the work of tuning company Litchfield. The full name of the project is

Mercedes-AMG S63 tuning by G-Power

G-Power tuning

Tuning studio G-Power is known for tuning models of BMW. Recently, however, experts from the company show a serious interest in cars from other major German manufacturers. In his latest project they have rolled up their sleeves and become 2-door Mercedes-AMG S63 in low flying missile. The car itself already

Mustang tuning by Hennessey Performance

Mustang tuning

Experts from Texas studio Hennessey Performance have specialized in tuning cars manufactured by General Motors, but not afraid to refine also models of Chrysler and Ford. This is notably the last project of the company. At its base is a version of the Ford Mustang GT, whose full name after

Mopar tuned Ram 1500

Mopar tuned Ram 1500q

The company Mopar, which is actually a tuning shop of the concern Fiat-Chrysler, made a special version of the pickup Ram 1500. It is named Rebel (author's note - rebel) by offering special interior trim and exterior. The basis of the new edition is the version of the Ram 1500

BMW X5 tuning by G-Power

BMW X5 tuning

The second generation of the BMW X5 M F85 in the factory version is one of the most powerful "inflated" crossovers, appeared ever. German particular studio G-Power, however, decided that the model has even greater potential to be discovered. The company offers a three-stage modification of the bi-turbo engine with

Audi R8 tuning by Underground Racing

Audi R8 tuning

Audi R8 car tuning by Underground Racing is impressive and amazing. Tuning company used peak production version V10 Plus, which even in factory form definitely knows how to impress. Still offers 610 hp and 560 Nm, allowing the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. Popular for its

Audi S1 tuning by B&B Automobiltechnik

Audi S1 tuning car

In the range of the Audi no extreme hatchback RS1, which surely disappoint some fans of the brand. Studio tuning B & B Automobiltechnik has tried to correct this injustice and presented elaborated version of the model S1. Subcompact hatchback already looks quite impressive, as has the 2.0-liter petrol turbo